Seer’s Aides Want Him Out

Seer’s Aides Want Him Out

By Express News Service
Published: 25th October 2015 05:13 AM
Last Updated: 25th October 2015 05:13 AM

BENGALURU: In a major setback to Raghaveshwara Bharathi, seer of the Ramachandrapura Mutt of Hosanagara, two of his close aides, associated with the mutt for over two decades, gave up their posts and joined voices with a group that has been clamouring for the seer’s ouster.

On Saturday, M N Bhat Madaguni, who was president of the mutt administration, and P H S Bhat, president of the Bengaluru Mandala, urged that the seer step down from his post.

The two spoke with the Samaana Manaska Havyaka Vedike, which has been demanding that the seer step down. M N Bhat said, “The CID has submitted a chargesheet against the seer in a sexual assault case against a Ramakatha singer before the court. The seer has to take moral responsibility and step down. The mutt and seer are misguiding the society by giving statements that there is a conspiracy against the seer to defame him. If that were the case, the seer could have undergone the remaining medical tests. The government should also ensure that the case is solved soon.”

“Close associates of the mutt knew about the issue from July 4, 2014, when the Ramakatha singer and her husband approached Datthathreya Hosabale, a prominent Havyaka community leader, about the issue. The seer then assured us that he would come out clean. But as the days went on, he started to ignore our advice and continued to dodge the couple too. When the seer did not cooperate with the CID, we stopped believing in him. I stopped going to the mutt,” he said.

He said, “From the past few years, there were several illegal happenings in the mutt and when the executive board of the mutt questioned this, they were made to sit as silent spectators by the seer. The seer is neither following the tradition of mutts nor is he cooperating with the investigation. The number of devotees of the mutt have also decreased.”

‘Misbehaved With Women’

“The seer used to misbehave with the female devotees.

He used to call them to his private room often. He did not participate even in the chaturmasa programme but was involved in other activities. When it was questioned by the executive committee, he did not answer.”

C M S Bhat, who was secretary to the seer, said, “When allegations were made against the seer, he was planning to go for meditation and he had talked about it on July 12 this year. But he changed his mind later.”

Battle on Social Media Too

The battle of the seer’s followers and opposers is also on social media. On Facebook, many pages have been created in support to Raghaveshwara Bharati and many others in opposition. ‘Havyakarigagi’ a community blog on also updates the developments and the opinions on the sexual allegation charges against the seer.

“Our intention is not to defame the mutt, but to protect its reputation and to pass on the legacy to the next generation. Though, I had cut down my connections with the mutt long ago, I felt I had to tell the world about the activities going on in the mutt. We will continue our protest until the seer agrees to undergo the remaining medical tests. Else he must step down from the peetha.”

M N Bhat Madaguni, Was Mutt administration head



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