Seer’s case: Governor seeks report from government

BENGALURU, October 2, 2015
Updated: October 2, 2015 05:46 IST

Seer’s case: Governor seeks report from government

Nagesh Prabhu

In a new twist to the alleged sexual harassment cases involving Sri Ramachandrapura Mutt seer Raghaveshwara Bharathi, Governor Vajubhai R. Vala has sought information from the State government on the progress of the probes being conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department in the two cases.

An official source in the government has confirmed that the Governor has sought a report on the investigations into the alleged role of the seer in the cases.

CID sources confirmed that a status report on the two cases was submitted to the government on Wednesday.

“We have submitted an update on the investigation in the second case along with a copy of the charge sheet filed in the first case. We have also given an update on the notice we issued for the medical tests we want to be conducted on the seer in connection with the cases,” a senior official said.

It is learnt that the Governor has sought the report in the wake of the National Commission for Women chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam’s charge that the State government and the police were delaying filing charge sheets against the seer.

However, the government has said it is not interfering in the investigations.



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