charges proved, CID’s shocking revelation

Seer sex scandal: charges proved, CID’s shocking revelation

Sep 25, 2015 03:17:21 PM (IST)

Bengaluru: Rape charges against Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swami, the seer of Sri Ramachandrapura Math seer stand proved, CID sources said.

Seer sex scandal: charges proved, CID’s shocking revelation-1Kishore Chandra DGP CID said that a 680 page chargesheet will be filed at Bengaluru magistrate court on Saturday.

According to CID sources Semen found on the victim’s clothes was found to be that of Raghveshwara Bharathi Swami. In the medical test conducted at Victoria hospital, samples of blood and sweat were collected. Also they found hair in the clothes given by the victim for tests – everything is mentioned in the charge sheet. The charge sheet has been prepared taking account the statements given by the victim, evidence collected at the place of rape and statements of witnesses.

Meanwhile Mutt clarifying on the issue said that the charges made by the woman are not true, and the two cases filed against the seer are totally baseless.

Raghaveshwara Bharati Swami, of Sri Ramachandrapura Math (Shivamogga district) was first accused of raping his devotee Premalatha Shastri. This particular high profile case has taken many interesting turns in the past year after Premalatha’s daughter alleged that her mother was raped by the seer on several occasions in the past few years.

A second complaint filed against the seer is also being probed by the CID. One Yakshagana artist had filed a complaint that she was sexually harassed by the seer and he had raped her in 2006 when she was staying in the math’s hostel in Hosanagar. The complaint was filed at Girinagar station which has now been transferred to CID.



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