Rape survivor seeks action against Facebook post by seer

Rape survivor seeks action against Facebook post by seer

September 20, 2015, Bengaluru, DHNS

The Ramakatha singer who has lodged a complaint of rape against Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji of Ramachandrapur Mutt, on Saturday submitted a petition to the Banashankari police seeking action against the pontiff and his supporters for “remarks against her” on the Facebook.

The pontiff has a facebook page where he had written that a Dharma Yuddha (battle to decide right and wrong) has begun and all his devotees should support him in the ongoing battle. The pontiff had also stated that a few saints in the past including Shankaracharya also faced the Dharma Yuddha and emerged victorious. Similarly, he would also emerge victorious, the pontiff had stated in the facebook page.

The singer considered the lines as threat to her and felt that the he was instigating his devotees against her and submitted a petition before the police. The pontiff had never referred to her name in the facebook page, the police clarified and decided to forward the petition to CID which is probing the rape case. It is said that the singer also submitted another petition to the CID.

source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/501785/rape-survivor-seeks-action-against.html


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